EVEREAST INT’L LOGISTICS LIMITED(EVEREAST LOGISTICS) is a lisenced forwarder company approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China Since year 2010. We specialize in providing international logistics service including ocean freight, air freight and international express courier services.

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1st floor, Building A14, Fuwei community 2nd industrial zone,Fuyong,Baoan district,shenzhen city,Guangdong province,China

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    China Forwarder Services Company

    Are you looking for an affordable and reliable China Forwarder Services Company? One of the most authentic Shipping Companies in China is Evereast Int’l Logistics Limited. We aim to offer great shipping rates as we have been the best shipping service for years. Our company provides Freight Forwarders Services by sea and air. 

    We, as a Shipping Company in China, have a long and friendly business relationship with our agents in other countries. It has rich experience in supervising many kinds of shipping goods to ensure quality service globally.

    Our China DDP Shipping Services provided by China Forwarder Services Company are highly effective for shipping in various parts of the world. Also, it is highly effective for business activities.

    Safe And Secure China Freight Forwarders

    As the leading China Forwarding and logistics service company, our delivery duty paid is highly safe as we provide you with a delivery agreement. We take all the responsibility, risks, and costs of transporting products to your destination port.

    DDP shipping is an excellent choice for our customers as we have the most valuable and trustworthy Freight Forwarder from China. When the consumer pays for belongings and chooses DDP as the delivery contract, our China Forwarder Services Company further negotiate with the parties about the place of delivery and other details of their agreement. Once the seller decides the location of their cargo and the carrier, the retailer clears your goods both in the importing and exporting countries.

    We ensure that your product is safe through the proper channel and eventually within our Shipping Company In China. The final step is that you will pick up your product along with all the necessary connected documentation. Choosing our Chinese Freight Forwarder and our China Forwarder Services Company will provide you with a chance to work with a reputable and safe platform.

    Wide Range of China Freight Forwarding Services

    Our Freight Forwarders in China offer top-notch and quality services that include LCL sea freight, courier, FCL sea freight, and air freight. With long-standing contracts with several major airlines and ocean freight carriers, we ensure smooth and on-time delivery of your cargo items.

    China Forwarder Services Company has years of experience and negotiated special rates for our valuable clients in different places. Furthermore, we have a solid and smooth operation procedure and an excellent working team over the course of many years of development.

    You don’t have to be concerned about anything because your shipment is in the hands of the most dedicated and qualified Freight Forwarder in China. Hence, you can rely on our solutions to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination on time.

    Affordable And Efficient Freight Forwarders China

    Usually, DDP shipping is expensive, but we assure you that our professional service and competitive rate will reduce your shipping cost, unlike other types of contracts.

    If you want to get an estimate, our Chinese Freight Forwarders are here to serve you. Let us assist you in taking the necessary steps to ship your cargo in the most efficient manner possible. You can reach out to our China Forwarder Services Company today.

    Don’t wait anymore! Contact Evereast Logistics and get a quote! By comparing available companies, our online freight quote will provide you with instant results.


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    Safety & Security

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