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How to select a good freight forwarder service?

By November 4, 2021No Comments

While there are many freight forwarding solutions, you select an option matching your eCommerce store requirements and expectations. For instance, if you want fast-import answers with all the bases enclosed, you may look for that. If you require a budget solution, you can focus on that. You also have to cover your bases to determine what the china forwarder services company offers, what they charge, and why.

Qualified for the ocean and air freight handling

Any freight forwarder must have licensed with the IATA and TSA (air) and FMC (Ocean) or as an NVOCC where appropriate. NVOCC is a non-vessel operating common carrier. You can request and see this licensing at any time.

Port-to-Door full-service solutions

The smaller your eCommerce service company, the more likely you will need a port-to-door solution with potential warehousing and logistics. A full-service key will transfer your inventory from the supplier right to your door, taking every step off your hands. Some full-service solutions are like DHL or UPS.

Years of experience

You can focus on how many freight forwarders are up in this business. The staff size, number of offices, and global partnerships represent the role and experience of the company. However, larger companies can carry more quickly and frequently do so more proficiently by leveraging their network. Smaller freight forward services may also have benefits, but you can study them closely before signing a contract.

eCommerce record inspection and packing support

Depending on the solution, you may request record inspection, inventory alliance, or even packing and repacking.

Transparent Pricing

Nearly china forwarder services company offers custom quotes based on your company size, the volume of import. Moreover, it also provides the destination and the complexity of regulations surrounding the product(s) you are importing.

However, you can request and receive precise quotes, understand the total cost (including customs fees, storage at port, import duties). They have a representative or agent to help you know fee structures. It is often a problem suppliers run into and have to cut into profits when an unpredictably large bill comes up.


  • How much does insurance cost? What have they included?
  • What volume commitment do I need to decrease costs?
  • Do charges fluctuate seasonally?
  • Do you offer a flat rate? How do you determine to price?
  • How much do document preparation and AES filing cost?

Export compliance

When you hire a forward freight service, you want them to hold compliance. However, it is legally still your responsibility. You can check and ensure that your freight forward company is competent enough. It has the resources to achieve compliance in any country you are importing from or transferring to.

Air vs. sea – which is best?

As a universal rule of thumb, an air freight forwarder is best for shipments up to 500kg in weight that comprises time-sensitive and high-margin products. For sample:

  • Electronics
  • Medical supplies
  • Seasonal goods.

Ocean freight is suitable for shipments over 500kg and those containing low-margin, hazardous, and non-urgent objects. For instance:

  • Heavy furniture
  • Chemical supplies
  • Small, everyday, inexpensive items.

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