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Courier Express Service Company

Are you getting trouble shipping your inventory in no time possible? We are here for you as the Leading Courier Express Service Company. EVEREAST LOGISTIC is a perfect solution for all of your shipping needs. Our courier express service company offers a wide range of on-demand messenger and courier services and package, cargo, and freight shipping services. 

Furthermore, when you choose us, you will be handled by our competent and courteous service providers, who know their responsibilities as service ambassadors to your company and other business contacts. 

Our parcel express courier service company can provide same-day and next-day delivery services by land or air, depending on the urgency of your item. For same-day and overnight delivery, rush shipping services are also available. We offer local delivery as well as short and long-distance freight shipment services. Our experts can handle everything from on-demand pickup and delivery to routed and scheduled Logistics Sea Freight.

Moreover, we have established a solid and seamless operating method and a great working team for many years of development. Our China Network includes Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shanghai, and other cities in China, allowing us to provide competitive service from all of China’s main ports to the rest of the globe. 

We presently have long-term contracts with many major ocean freight carriers and airliners, ensuring that your cargo is delivered smoothly and on time, with various schedules and couriers.

Why Do You Need a Courier Express Service Company?

A standard delivery Courier Express Service Company will not always get the job done in today’s fast-paced environment where speed is critical. Unlike old-fashioned “snail mail” or slower delivery methods that take three to five days, a courier service can provide a far faster and more trustworthy answer.

  •         Courier Express Service Company saves you time.
  •         You can schedule on-time deliveries.
  •         Local couriers work after hours and on weekends.
  •         Courier companies save your business money.
  •         Superior customer service & communication.

What Things to Look for In a Courier Service?

Our Express Courier Service Company is critical to your organization since it enables you to reach out to worldwide consumers quickly. Choosing the most satisfactory Courier Express Service Company for your brand is an art and a science. Our Container Freight Transport services will handle all your freight issues.

  •         Inquire about referrals from reputable sources.
  •         Don’t Forget to Look at Customer Reviews on the Internet.
  •         Examine Their Customer Support
  •         How many years of experience do they have?
  •         Inquire about tracking and the customer portal with them.
  •         Take a look at the areas they cover.
  •         Send a Test Package to Them

Fundamental Principles of Our Courier Company

  •         We treat each customer as though they are our only ones.
  •         We strive to go above and beyond for our customers.
  •         We follow through on our promises with a feeling of urgency.
  •         We assess our practices regularly to benefit our consumers and our organization.
  •         We work hard to recruit, retain, and develop people who will uphold our high standards while fostering diversity.
  •         Decisions are made and communicated under our Mission Statements: Vision, Core Values, and Strategy.
  •         Our Courier Express Service Company core values are honesty and integrity.
  •         Our work is something we are proud of. We’re continuously looking for new methods to provide the most value to our customers and ourselves.

Our Courier Express Service for Ocean Freight Logistics

Along with being an Air Express Courier Service Company, we provide a wide range of courier services. 

Operational Procedure

  •         We contact your supplier to set up a pickup or loading time.
  •         After delivering products to our designated warehouse, we validate the chargeable weight.
  •         We are sending you an invoice for payment.
  •         Once payment is received, we will arrange for customs clearance and delivery of the items.
  •         We provide real-time shipping status updates.

What Differentiates Our Courier Express Service Company from Others?

  •         Known for our reliability 

When it comes to getting your products safely delivered on schedule, our excellent Courier Express Service Company is always reliable and 100% trusted.

  •         Speedy deliveries – Happy customers

We deliver your products without making you wait. Our customers choose us because we provide regular daily, weekly, or monthly delivery. You can always trust the timings of our Courier Express Service Company.

  •         Our workforce is our backbone.

Any competent courier service company must have adequate people to facilitate the packaging and delivery of items during peak hours, especially during festivals and special events.

  •         Trusted services

Our employees deliver fragile things or medical supplies with extreme care with the help of Ocean Freight Services.