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Sea Freight Fcl Services

EVEREAST INT’L LOGISTICS is a freight forwarder company providing Sea Freight Fcl Services with over a decade of experience and expert knowledge in the field. We know the key to international shipping is to find a freight forwarder that you can rely on – one with the right experience, who does most of the work for you, and who always gets the job done.

We offer a variety of services that are both flexible and integrated. We provide comprehensive container load services, door-to-door or port-to-port, through a single point of contact. Moreover, we offer automated freight forwarding services to schedule your goods, arrange for collection and delivery, and manage shipment documents from practically any origin or destination.

Our carrier partnerships enable us to provide the right freight forwarder FCL services at affordable rates, while our experience and worldwide networks help you cut administrative costs. We can secure space and equipment availability since we have long-term connections with the carriers responsible for most global ocean volumes.

Our expert sea freight forwarders actively monitor contracts and service levels to guarantee that our clients receive the most reliable, cost-effective ocean freight shipping services possible. The status of your cargo is also viewable in real-time via our platform from beginning to end.

What is an Ocean Freight FCL Service?

Sea freight is a means of vast shipping quantities of commodities by ship. The shipments are filled with goods, which are subsequently put aboard a ship. Sea freight is transported in a variety of different methods. One of them is FCL Or full container load, which means you buy one or more full containers to ship your goods.

Ocean shipping and ocean shipping documentation are something to be taken care of so we manage an entire container for this types of fcl shipping. In this mode of transportation, it increases the transit times to reach major ports during supply chain process. We charge competitive rates and competitive prices from our customers.

Sea freight is a cost-effective technique to transfer huge volumes across long distances because a typical cargo ship can carry roughly 18,000 containers and it is also known as FCL Container Shipping. We make sure our supply chain works smoothly till door to door fcl shipments.

How Does Ocean Freight Original FCL Service Work?

The FCL sea freight shipping method is less complicated than the LCL. Here’s how a complete container load shipment works, step by step:

Schedule Your Service

Make a reservation for your FCL cargo with your logistics provider. You must now provide all the required shipment parameters to the freight forwarder, and the service provider will take care of the entire shipping according to your specifications.

Our world class business of fcl shipments and supply chains of full container load fcl are of no exception. Moreover, we offer additional services along with cargo insurance.

Freight Preparation

The freight forwarder will begin preparing your shipment at this point.


After loading the items into the container, they will be ‘drayed’ or brought to the destination, where they will all be shipped.


The FCL shipment will transit to its final destination once it arrives at the port. We try hard to reduce transit times within the major ports.


The products are offloaded from the ship once they reach the destination, and special transportation arrangements are made to take the items to their final destination.

Full Container Load (FCL) Ocean Freight

Ocean freight and full container load fcl cover a standard container space. For that, our expert exporters keep a close eye on the entire purchase order management. Whether you need less than container load lcl or fcl container load, we use fast transportation for the distribution of freight to customers around the world.

We properly manage unloading of the ocean freight and balance the less-than-container load lcl business as well.

Why Should You Consider Fcl Sea Freight?

  •         It is cost-effective in comparison to other methods
  •         It’s simple to move heavy or massive items around.
  •         It is an economical solution over long distances.
  •         The lowest carbon footprint solution.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Items That Can Be Shipped Via Fcl Ocean Shipping?

You can send practically every sort of cargo with FCL marine freight. However, you should ensure to inform your project freight forwarder if your shipment requires special handling or a specific temperature. For instance, if there are perishable or edible goods like meat and meat by-products, fish and seafood, dairy products, flowers, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, and much more. Your service provider will tailor the service to your needs, ensuring that your goods are transported safely to their final destination.

How Much Does It Cost To Send By Sea Freight?

Your ocean freight shipment cost is determined by the type of shipping service you require. Several factors to consider when planning your ocean freight shipment include container size, transit time, cargo type, cargo weight, cargo dimensions, and Incoterms.

We can also assist with customs brokerage; don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact information below for more details. Because ocean shipping capacity availability varies greatly, we are here to help you navigate any issues you may encounter with your ocean freight requirements.

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