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DDP stands for Delivery duty paid to ship; it is a type of delivery where the vendor takes responsibility for the risk and fees of shipping goods to reach the destination. DDP is primarily used for international shipping, a shipping method developed by the International Chamber of Commerce; helps to standardize shipping choices throughout the world.

Many companies can only use China DDP Shipping Services when shipping goods by air or sea freight. Consumers benefit heavily from DDP as they assume less risk, liability, and prices. Though DDP is a good deal for the consumer, it is a significant burden for the seller as it can quickly reduce profits if controlled incorrectly.

Because of the complex rules associated with international shipping and separately country having their set of rules and laws for customs exports, DDP Shipping Services is best for high-value items (i.e., a typical order value of greater than $40).

What is delivered duty paid shipping?

Delivered duty shipping is a delivery agreement between consumers and vendors that places all risks, prices, and responsibilities associated with the seller’s transportation until the customer receives them. With DDP, customers are not liable for the actual shipping charges, making them more likely to purchase products without fear of being tricked or paying high taxes.


The difference between delivered duty paid (DDP) and delivery duty unpaid (DDU) is that DDU involves the end customer or person receiving the package to pay the duties incurred when the package enters the destination country.

With Delivery duty unpaid, customs can contact the customer when their package arrives, and the customer can even have to go to the local post workplace to pick it up. In addition, the customer does not realize their order was DDU and can contact the merchant’s customer support line, cancel the delivery order, or refuse to get it and return the order to the sender.

You can consider China DDP Shipping Services the better customer experience, as it is a cross-border option that takes all charges into consideration upfront. Furthermore, it permits the merchant to choose whether they pass those fees to the purchaser by increasing the product charge or eat these costs.

Why people use DDP?

To protect the buyer.

DDP helps the customers not get tricked. As the seller assumes all the risk and price of shipping products, it is in their best interest to ensure customers genuinely receive what they ordered. Unfortunately, the time and charge associated with DDP shipping are big of a burden for scammers to consider using it.

To guarantee safe delivery across countries.

Much can go wrong when delivering shipping packages halfway around the world. Every country has its laws regarding transport, import duties, and delivery shipping fees. DDP creates the seller to become diligent on only sending parcels in the best and safest directions.

To confirm safe delivery by air or sea freight.

Depending on the type of product and where you can sell, safe delivery by air or sea is challenging. However, it ensures sellers do not take the money and run.

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